Vine and wine

Discovering the paths of wine in Santorini

The cultivation of vines in Santorini dates back thousands of years to 17th century B.C., as testified by the findings during the excavations of the prehistoric city of Akrotiri.

The great volcano eruption may have destroyed the vineyards, nonetheless it was not so destructive to grape varieties that have survived until today.

The vine thriving on Santorini is as peculiar as the physiology of the entire island.  Its roots manage to penetrate the volcanic terrain, while showing high resistance to drought and wind. The grape varieties are ancient and produce high quality wines, with flavor and aromas emanating from a number of factors, which, in turn, create a unique microclimate worldwide.

The vineyards, starting at an altitude of 300 meters and reaching up to the sea level, consist mainly of the white variety assyrtiko, which is the most famous variety vineyard in the Mediterranean. Other varieties grown on the island, are athiri, aidani, mavrotragano and mantilari. The world-famous wine Vinsanto is produced from grapes of the varieties assyrtiko and aidani, which have been sun-dried and later on aged in wooden barrels.

The island’s wineries are quite interesting, many of which you can also visit.

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