The famous wall fresco returns in Thera

The famous, well-preserved wall fresco of “The fisherman”, one of the greatest works of prehistoric painting of Aegean, is exhibited for the first time in the permanent collection of the Museum of Prehistoric Thera. “The Fisherman”, coming from the Western domicile of the Prehistoric town in Akrotiri, is exposed for the first time at Thera, the place where it was found, almost 45 years after its finding and conservation.

The Museum of Prehistoric Thera hosts, among others, findings coming from the excavations of the Archaeological Society of Athens in Akrotiri, the excavations of CA Antiquities in various positions of Thera as well as the old excavations of the German Archaeological Institute in Potamos. It is considered as the extension of the archaeological site of Akrotiri, since it houses frescos and movable finds of this urban center during the period of great prosperity (17th c. B.C.). Lastly, it hosts findings from many other places of Thera dated from the 5th millennium B.C. (newer Neolithic period) till the 17th century B.C., portraying the passage of various cultures from the Aegean in a long period of prehistory.


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